“Lost” by Rachael Newman – Giclée

Giclée of Acrylic Painting

This work is intended to make the viewer slightly uncomfortable as they search for the horizon line to ground them. Once found the viewer can enjoy the serene space.



What do you see? A red boat, sea and clouds? Perhaps, but for most viewers this painting conjures deeper questions which the title “Lost” implies. The obvious questions are where is the horizon, where are the people, is the boat abandoned? The hidden injury are the questions of the individual observer. How do I navigate life when I cannot see my destination? What do I do when I’d alone and lost? This work is intended to make the viewer slightly uncomfortable as they search for the horizon line to ground them. They take inventory of their surroundings and realize that they are in fact safe and before long everything will come back into view. Once the viewer catches a glimpse of the obscure horizon, they can enjoy the serene space.  

Giclées are unframed; US shipping is additional. Please review the fulfillment and shipping page for details. Please contact me for framing choices or other custom options.

Canvas Giclées are printed on Lyve Canvas, Breathing Color’s highest quality archivable canvas. The Fine Art Trade Guild awarded Lyve the exclusive Blue Wool certification for 100 years display life.  Lyve is not only the finest canvas we offer, but the best money can buy.  For art that is living - an image that is Lyve. 

Fine Art Paper Giclées are printed on Breathing Color, Elegance Velvet Fine Art Paper. Elegance Velvet has a lightly textured vellum surface ideally suited for luxurious fine art reproductions. This high-quality archival paper is 100% cotton fiber and acid & lignin free. 


Additional Description

A seascape painting is simply a work of art in which the ocean or major body of water is one of the central elements of the work. Falling under their own genre seascapes are a close cousin to marine and maritime paintings which focus more on ships or other manmade objects in a narrative composition. Seascapes depict a view of the sea or coastline typically without figures; they tend to invite the viewer towards an emotional or visceral response.

The seascape genre is a broad category in which the sea and therefore nature itself is the primary subject. A painting of a coastal shore is an example of a traditional seascape, though such a work might feature a sailboat or lighthouse in the distance along the horizon line. The minimal depiction of ships, people, and manmade objects in a seascape is meant to serve as reminders of man’s insignificance in relation to the larger world.

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