Pearls amaze me because they capture light and change instantly depending on a woman’s skin tone or attire. White pearls are classic, but are they the choice for you? There is an endless array of white pearls, but I use a wide variety of natural colored freshwater, Tahitian & South Sea pearls including peach, pink, lavender, silver & gold along with a few high-quality color-enhanced pearls like peacock and sage green.

You are looking for chemistry between you and the pearls. When you find the right match it’s magic! You look fantastic and so do the pearls. Back in the 80’s I was a fan of the “color analyzing” craze. Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? You can delve deeper with an internet search to find your season, but here are some recommendations. The same principles apply to your wardrobe, makeup or hair color and pearls. When you are in sync with your colors, your complexion glows, the shadows under your eyes evaporate and you look healthy. The right colors don’t compete with you they make you simply vibrant.

This is the test… As you try on different pearl colors look at what happens to the pearls against your skin. This is a great time to take a few selfies or have a friend take some pics to really see the differences. When the chemistry is right the pearls will look spectacular, if not, the pearls will look dull and faded. It’s always best to try on jewelry, but for on-line shoppers here are some general guidelines. You can always send me your picture and I can help!

Spring Skin Tones
Hair: blonde or light brown hair; Eyes: blue, green or light hazel.
Looks best in warm pastel colors such as off white &. pastel peach.
Best Spring Pearl Colors
Ivory, peach, sage & lavender.

Summer Skin Tones
Hair: blonde or brown; Eyes: blue, gray or brown.
Looks best in cool pastels, pure white, pastel pink, blues, lavender & gray.
Best Summer Pearl Colors
White, pink, lavender & silver.

Autumn Skin Tones
Hair: red or brown; Eyes: blue, green, light hazel or light brown.
Looks best in warm rich colors like salmon, periwinkle & brown.
Best Autumn Pearl Colors
Ivory, gold, peach, lavender, sage & peacock.

Winter Skin Tones
Hair: dark brown or silver; Eyes: deep blue, green, pale hazel or dark brown.
Looks best in cool jewel tones like clear white, fuchsia, royal blue & black.
Best Winter Pearl Colors
White, silver & peacock.


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