It’s hard to believe that in the beginning of April we were excited about our summer art show season. Uncertainty has become the norm. Every day a new picture unfolds like a flower from a seed of unknown origin.

At first, we thought the corona virus would be contained and we would only miss a few shows. Unfortunately, my email is filled with cancelation notices from shows throughout the year. Everyone’s health and safety is at the forefront of these difficult decisions. Companies, organizations, and cities are agonizing over how to make the right decision. They are trying to consider not only what they are allowed to do, but what is the right thing to do. They are considering not only public safety issues like social distancing, but also the financial impact on their organizations, the community, affiliated businesses, and artists. Everyone from the kettle corn vendor to the security company is affected. Then there is you, our patrons, who keep our art alive and spawn our creativity. We will miss you! We appreciate your support and enthusiasm. The affect of one virus is astounding.Truth be told, we have no idea what the future of art festivals will become. We will use our creativity to reinvent ourselves making decisions day by day as our circumstances continue to change.

My corner of the art world is very dynamic. I have been “changing hats” from artist to administrator to CFO to marketing guru. I’m excited that you are seeing my new website! Many of you have waited for years to be able to shop on-line at your leisure. I am thrilled to unveil my impressionist paintings. I am writing a monthly newsletter to keep you informed and will be sharing special interest stories that pique my interest. I look forward to staying connected until we see you in person, so please keep in touch; we have so many avenues at our disposal. If you are social media savvy, then you can teach me a few things… I’m just learning. Share your comments, join, like and share my art and my FaceBook, Instagram, & Pinterest pages. Most of all keep yourself, those you love and your community safe and healthy.


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